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Resolving child custody issues is an important step, whether involving a divorce or otherwise—and it’s a step you shouldn’t take alone. Working with an attorney can ensure your child custody case in Baltimore County is resolved quickly. The divorce lawyers at the Law Office of Kent L. Greenberg specialize in handling divorce, criminal law, alimony laws, and more with personalized professional attention.

Understanding the Two Main Types of Custody

Child Custody Lawyers in Baltimore County, MD

Child custody determines the rights each parent receives regarding their children’s physical and mental care.

In most cases, both parents receive some level of custody for their children after a divorce or legal separation has taken place.

  1. Physical custody is the right of a parent to have a child live in their home. Joint physical custody is a situation in which both parents are allowed physical custody of their children. Alternatively, when one parent is granted sole physical custody, the other parent typically retains visitation rights. You and the other parent can develop a visitation schedule and submit it to the court, or the court can outline a parenting plan if no agreement can be reached.
  2. Legal custody refers to the right—and obligation—to make decisions regarding the upbringing of your child. Such decisions include those that influence schooling, religious education and upbringing, and medical care. In most cases, joint legal custody is preferred unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as intentional lack of communication, an abusive relationship, or drug and alcohol addiction.

Factors That Can Determine Child Custody

During your divorce proceedings, your judge will take many factors into account when deciding child custody issues. In addition to reviewing and following child custody laws, a judge will also consider each child’s best interest in his final decision.

  • Most judges try to maintain as much stability in your children’s lives as possible. Factors that can affect stability include whether the child will be kept in the same home or school district.
  • Your children’s age can play a part in a custody decision. Younger children are typically placed with their primary caregiver, regardless of whether that caregiver is male or female. The age and maturity of the children will affect their ability to voice their preferences in the final decision.
  • The mental and physical health of both child and parent are important when determining custody. Furthermore, your ability to provide a child with mental or physical health needs with access to the treatment and lifestyle he needs will also be considered.

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