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Parenting Agreements for Unmarried Parents

The end of a relationship can be difficult, regardless of whether the couple was married or not. This is especially true when the couple shares a child. Even though the couple won’t need to file ...
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Quick Tips for Harmonious Child Exchanges

Even if you and your ex have a rock solid child custody agreement, it’s virtually inevitable that some moments of tension will occur. With a joint type of child custody, parents will likely have ...
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What Is Negligent Manslaughter?

The killing of one human being by another may be prosecuted under a few different charges. Homicide, for example, is an intentional killing. Manslaughter is different, but the potential legal ...
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The Legal Definition of Spousal Desertion

Under divorce law in Maryland, spousal desertion is one of the grounds for a fault-based divorce. If you think you may have been legally deserted or you’re considering leaving the marital home, ...
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Troubleshooting Common Custody Problems

One of the most contentious aspects of divorce law is child custody. It’s common for parents to have trouble working together, long after a judge hands down a ruling on the type of child custody ...
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Common Questions About Property Division in Maryland

Divorce typically has substantial effects on personal finances. Not only will the spouses have to adjust to living on a single income, but they won’t have access to the same financial assets as ...
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Is Your Child Support Arrangement Fair?

Regardless of the type of child custody arrangement you have, it may be possible to get a child support order modified. Talk to a lawyer in Owings Mills who is knowledgeable about divorce law. Your ...
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What Is Equitable Distribution?

During a divorce, separating property and assets can be a daunting process. Ideally, a divorce lawyer in Maryland can represent your interests during this negotiation process to ensure that your ...
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The Basics of Alimony

Alimony, or spousal support, is frequently an area of dispute in divorce cases. Before discussing spousal support in your divorce settlement, you should have an experienced alimony attorney in Owings ...
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FAQs and Answers About Maryland Divorce Law

When you’re facing a divorce in Maryland, it’s common to have questions about the process and how it will affect your future. As soon as you make the decision to separate, retain an ...
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A Look at Virtual Visitation

Virtual visitation is a new trend in divorce law that is designed to enhance traditional visitation agreements. With virtual visitations, non-custodial parents who do not live in the same location as ...
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Legal Penalties for Theft in Maryland

Maryland criminal law recognizes different types of theft crimes, including shoplifting, larceny, and receiving stolen property. All criminal offenses, regardless of the potential penalties, should be ...
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What to Expect from Divorce Mediation

Many marriages end with a prolonged divorce case contentiously argued in court, but not all divorces have to take this route. Your family law attorney in Owings Mills may recommend that you give ...
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Common Questions About Supervised Visitation in Maryland

During a divorce in which the spouses share children in common, a family law attorney in Owings Mills can help the parties develop a proposed visitation plan. Normally, visitation occurs at the ...
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An Introduction to Co-Parenting

As difficult as divorce can be for parents, it is far more disruptive to a child’s life. However, responsible co-parenting is a way to limit the negative effects of a divorce on children and ...
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Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Crash

Car accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. Due to their unpredictable nature, it’s essential to be prepared with the basic knowledge of what to do and what to avoid following a crash. For ...
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Can a Child Express Custody Preferences to the Court?

Child custody is one of the most difficult aspects of the divorce process. Ideally, child custody issues for families in Owings Mills may be resolved by the parents through mediation. But when the ...
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Helping Your Child Adjust to Visitation

After a divorce or legal separation, you and your ex will follow a court-ordered parenting plan. This document establishes the type of child custody that both parents will have and it specifies when ...
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Parenting Skills During a Divorce

As difficult as a divorce might be for you and your spouse, it’s far more difficult for your children. Throughout each stage of the divorce process, prioritizing your children’s well-being ...
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Medication Disputes and Co-Parenting: A Look at Common Problems and Solutions

Even when parents are both committed to co-parenting cooperatively for the benefit of their children, disputes are inevitable. One common area of conflict involves medications and other medical ...
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A Quick Look at Monitored Exchanges

Depending on the type of child custody agreement you have, your divorce lawyer may recommend a monitored exchange when you and your ex-spouse bring your children back and forth to each other for ...
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What to Expect When You Meet With a Divorce Lawyer

Meeting with a divorce lawyer for the first time can be emotional and overwhelming. Fortunately, you will almost certainly walk away from the meeting feeling better than when you walked in, with many ...
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Should You Report Alimony on Your Tax Return?

Filing taxes after a divorce can be complex, particularly if alimony payments are involved. Your divorce lawyer in Owning Mills can offer advice about filing your taxes after a divorce. This video ...
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Recent Changes to Maryland's Domestic Violence Laws

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you have the right to consult a family attorney in Owings Mills to discuss your legal rights and options. Your attorney can advise you of recent changes to ...
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The Truth Behind Common Myths About Divorce Law in Maryland

Divorce law is complex and is periodically redesigned. There are also plenty of misconceptions about divorce law, which further complicates matters. Your best source for accurate, up-to-date ...
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