Does Remarriage Impact Child Custody?

Once a divorce has been finalized, an ex-spouse is at liberty to remarry if he or she chooses. In many cases, the remarriage will not create new child custody issues for families in and around Owings Mills. Maryland family courts cannot include the new spouse’s income in the calculations for child support; these obligations should in theory remain unchanged. However, the other parent may petition for a reduction of child support if the family attorney can demonstrate that the new spouse pays all or most of the custodial parent’s expenses. In addition, it is possible that remarriage will affect a spousal support order.

In certain cases, remarriage might affect the child custody arrangement. For example, if the remarriage precipitates a move out of state for the new spouse’s job, then the remarried custodial parent should consult a family lawyer as soon as possible. The divorce lawyer can advise the custodial parent as to any notification requirements for the relocation. The lawyer may also need to represent the custodial parent if the non-custodial parent contests the relocation and petitions for a modification in child custody.

Impact of Remarriage