What Financial Factors Influence Divorce Settlements?

Along with child custody issues, financial matters are typically a top priority during divorce proceedings. Bring along all of your important financial documents when you meet with a divorce attorney serving Owings Mills. Your divorce lawyer will need to review your bank statements and tax refunds, for example. Portfolio holdings can also influence divorce settlements. These include any type of investments, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, private equity, hedge funds, exchange-traded funds, and futures. All of these are liquid assets.

Non-liquid assets can also significantly influence divorce settlements. Your divorce lawyer will need to know about property that you own, such as homes, vacation homes, vehicles, high-end jewelry, artwork, and similar physical property. As your family lawyer can explain to you, the court will consider the entirety of your finances when determining how to divide assets and liabilities. Other factors may be relevant to your situation, such as whether one party is ordered to pay alimony or child support.

Financial Factors in Divorce Settlements