What Are the Benefits of Joint Custody?

Although divorce can be emotionally difficult for couples, it is particularly devastating for children. Child custody arrangements that allow for joint legal and shared physical custody are usually the best choice for the children because they minimize the negative effects of a broken household. If your family law attorney is working on your child custody case in Owings Mills, you should consider the possibility of joint custody . With joint custody, the children are less likely to blame themselves for the divorce or to feel as though one or both parents do not love them anymore.

Collaborative joint custody allows children to grow and develop in a healthy manner, and to feel that they can love both parents equally without betraying the other parent. One key aspect of making joint custody work after a divorce is to enforce continuity of household rules. Children who must adapt to different rules and expectations depending on which household they are in are more likely to feel resentful. Continuity across households prevents kids from feeling as though they’re “caught in the middle.” Joint Custody Benefits