Understanding the Requirements for a No-Fault Divorce

Maryland divorce laws allow both no-fault and fault-based divorce cases. If you inform your divorce attorney serving Owings Mills that you would like to seek a no-fault divorce, he or she will ask you if you have minor children in common with your spouse. Previously, Maryland divorce laws required spouses to prove a legal separation of one year before seeking a no-fault divorce. If only one of the spouses wanted a divorce, that time period was lengthened to two years.

However, new legislation has eased these requirements for some spouses. You may not need to prove a legal separation if you do not share minor children with your spouse. To eliminate the waiting period, you and your spouse must also mutually agree to the divorce and agree to a property division arrangement. If you and your spouse cannot meet these criteria, you can still obtain a no-fault divorce after fulfilling the legal separation requirements.