Can I Temporarily Modify Child Support for the Summer?

When one parent is paying child support, he or she often wonders if it’s necessary to continue to pay when the children are staying at his or her house. For instance, if the children spend the summer with the non-custodial parent who pays child support, is it necessary to keep making payments during that time? Questions like these can be discussed with your family law attorney in Owings Mills , who can help you understand your rights to modify child support agreements.

Child support cannot be discontinued without a court order. Child support law requires that payments be made continuously, even when the children are staying with the parent making the payments. This is because the other parent still must maintain the household for the children to return to when any visit is over.

Your child support attorney can help you consider whether a modification could be appropriate for your case—for instance, if your earnings have changed after your divorce. Never adjust child support on your own without a court order, as you could face legal trouble over back payments.

Child Support for Summer