Could Dating During Divorce Affect Your Case?

Dating while a divorce case is pending is not advisable for a few reasons. As your lawyer in Baltimore County can explain to you, Maryland courts will allow a no-fault divorce if spouses with minor children have voluntarily lived apart each day for one year. Bear in mind that if one spouse does not want a divorce, this time period increases to two years under divorce laws in the state. Maryland family laws also allow for fault-based divorces, which do not require documentation of a legal separation. One of the grounds for a fault-based divorce is adultery.

Until your divorce is officially finalized, you are still legally married even if you have been living apart from your spouse. This means that if you begin dating prematurely, you could be considered to be an adulterer. Additionally, your spouse may introduce evidence of possible misuse of marital funds, such as by diverting martial funds to pay for expensive vacations or luxury items for your date. If this occurs, the court may consider these issues in light of whether you or your spouse is requesting spousal support.

Dating During Divorce