Defining Legal Custody

If you’re going through a divorce and are concerned about child custody in Owings Mills , or anywhere in the Baltimore metro region, you should hire an experienced family law attorney. He can help you understand child custody laws, request a child custody arrangement, and negotiate child support payments. Child custody is a legal arrangement involving the rights that each parent is awarded regarding the child’s physical and mental care.

There are two different types of child custody that can be awarded to a parent: physical custody, and legal custody. Physical custody is the determination of where a child lives on a day-to-day basis. Physical custody can be joint custody or sole custody, depending upon the results of divorce mediation or a judge’s order. Legal custody concerns the right of a parent to make long-term decisions about a child’s well-being and upbringing.

Legal custody allows a parent to make major decisions regarding religious education, choice of schools, cultural education, extracurricular activities, and health care. Legal custody is typically awarded to both parents, unless one parent is determined to be unfit or incapable of making these decisions. Joint legal custody requires that the parents consult with each other and reach agreements regarding the child’s upbringing and welfare.

Child Legal Custody in Owings Mills, MD