Types of Alimony

Types of Alimony in Owing mills, MD

Alimony is financial support awarded to one spouse during divorce proceedings to allow him or her to maintain a certain standard of living after the marriage ends. Because alimony is often a very contentious issue, you will need a divorce attorney in Owings Mills to argue for the right kind of alimony for you.

There are a few different types of alimony. Alimony pendente lite is paid during the divorce process but does not ensure that alimony will be awarded when the divorce is complete. Rehabilitative alimony, which is the most common form, is paid post-divorce for a specific period of time to allow the recipient to complete education or job training that will allow him or her to become self-sufficient. Indefinite alimony is typically only awarded if the recipient has an illness or disability that prevents him or her from become self-sufficient. It is also awarded if the court determines that one party’s living standard is significantly disparate from his or her ex. Rehabilitative alimony can be modifiable or non-modifiable, meaning the court may not be able to make any changes to it once it is ordered. However, indefinite alimony is generally modifiable. A divorce lawyer can help you understand which type of alimony is best suited to your needs under Maryland law.

Paying Alimony